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Is Teebea Herbal Blendture suitable for pregnant women?

Teebaa, a natural herbal, is well-known in many countries like Nigeria, Ghana, and Senegal This herb is effective in treating diseases such as typhoid and malaria, menstrual problems, and other disorders It also aids in the treatment and prevention of infections such as candidiasis and general body pain.

Pregnant women cannot consume this herbal mixture due to all the ingredients in it.

Research has shown that pregnant women should not consume moringa. A pregnant woman should not use Teebea Herbal Mix. Research has shown that moringa can cause miscarriages, congenital birth defects, and abortions. It is unlikely that a pregnant woman would be happy about this happening so it is best to avoid any moringa-related deaths.

Another study that was published in 2019 in an anatomy and embryology journal found that moringa can cause a congenital defect in pregnancy.This can lead to brain dysfunction and behavior changes. These facts show that it is unsafe for pregnant women to use taabea herbal combinations.

Taabea herbal remedies are safe for all ages, except pregnant women, nursing moms, and those who are breastfeeding. Pregnant women need to be cautious about what they eat, and should not be tempted to eat anything that could endanger their lives. You should always check the internet before you purchase any product, and consult your doctor.

Side effects can occur with any herbal mixture. Pregnant women may experience premature birth, uterus contractions, or premature labor. The kidneys can also be affected by herbal remedies. It is highly recommended that you avoid herbs for your health.

Some herbs are not recommended for pregnant women. These are culinary herbs made to enhance the flavor of food. These herbs can increase the number of vitamins and nutrients that food has. These herbs should not be taken in tablet form These herbs are safe to eat.


It is a Lamiaceae family member. The plants are tender and they it is used in many cuisines throughout the country.


It’s part of the onion family and helps lower blood pressure, decrease infections, lower body cholesterol, and reduce blood clots. However, side effects such as bad breath or heartburn can occur so pregnant women should not take it.


This herb is part of the basil family. It helps improve brain function and food digestion. It also helps reduce cold effects and breastfeeding pains. Pregnant women should not take it.


It’s part of the celery family. It is used by anyone with digestive problems, weight loss, and gallbladder issues.


It supports the heart and contains large amounts of fibers that help in lowering cholesterol and heart disease.


This herb is used to treat infections. Pregnant women should have access to it.

Parsley is a good treatment for kidney stones. It increases the level of urine, which reduces calcium excretion. This raises urine acidity and helps to remove any stones from the kidney.

These herbs are also extremely healthy and provide all the nutrients their bodies require. They will not cause any harm to their bodies.

Unsafe herbs to be used by a pregnant woman

It was stated that any moringa-containing mixture is unsafe for pregnant women. It can cause premature labor and delivery, congenital defects, and uterine contractions. This is why pregnant women should not consume it.

Herbs that contain uterine stimulants

Aloe Vera can cause kidney damage and can even cause death. Motherwort, barberries, wild yam, and black and blue cohosh can all cause nausea. Also, feverfew can make a pregnant woman feel bloated and dizzy. Goldenseal can lead to death, a heart attack, and kidney damage. Yohimbe and ephedra can increase a woman’s heartbeat, which can also cause nausea.

Herbs that can unavoidably kill an unborn baby

These are the sassafras. They can cause cancer as well as liver problems. The mugwort should not be consumed by pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers. Autumn crocus is toxic to the body and can cause vomiting, gastrointestinal bleeding, liver damage, kidney damage, and finally, respiratory failure.

Harmful herbs to the human body:

The mistletoe is extremely poisonous and contains viscotoxin and phototoxic which are not digestible. This can cause serious harm to pregnant women.

A pregnant woman should be aware of these things and avoid herbs that are unfamiliar to her, especially in the first trimester. These herbs can pose a danger to the developing fetus.

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