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South Korean vocalist record producer and actor Kim Tae-Hyung () best known by his nom de guerre V () is signed to Big Hit Music As a member of BTS Wikipedia GUIDE he contributes to singing, dancing, and a visual presence.

He is a one-man band that has put out three songs (Scenery, Winter Bear, and Sweet Night) all under his production. In 2016, he made his acting debut in the drama Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth, using his name. (Background and schooling)

V’s birthday

V’s birthday is December 30th, 1995, and she was raised in Geochang County, South Korea. He has a younger brother and sister who are both younger than him. After deciding in early middle school that she wanted to pursue a career in music, V began taking clarinet lessons to better prepare herself for a future as a professional vocalist. After a successful audition in Daegu, Big Hit Entertainment hired V as a trainee.

V attended Global Cyber University after completing his high school education in Korea in 2014 and he will receive his degree in Broadcast and Entertainment in August 2020. He started studying for an MBA in advertisements at Region. Cyber University in 2021


V is making a reappearance in 2018 with a trailer for “Singularity.”

His first performance with BTS was on Mnet’s M Showcase on June 13, 2013, when the group sang “No More Dream” off their first single release, 2 Cool 4 Skool. The song “Love Me Tight” which he co-wrote and founded, was his first composition credit, appearing in Part 1 of The Most Wonderful Moment in Life. Lyrically, he helped out on the track “Boyz with Fun,” which was co-composed by SUGA.

For the follow-up album The Most Wonderful Moments in Life, Part 2, V’s melody was combined with Kim Kook’s opening lines for the track “Run.” This was followed by a similar effort with his solo single “Stigma” off of Wings, which peaked at number ten on the Billboard Global Digital Pop Charts and twenty-six on the Logon ki Music Chart. In addition to the official releases, V has made unauthorized versions of “Hug Me” by Adele and “Somebody Like You” by BTS bandmate j-hope.

BTS’ Third Studio Album

His second solo effort, “Singularity,” premiered in May 2018 as a preview for BTS Wikipedia GUIDE‘ third studio album, Love Yourself: Tear. The Guardian included “Singularity” on their “Top 50 tracks for July 2018” soundtrack a full month after its release. It peaked at number 28 on Billboard’s list of the “Top 50 BTS wikipedia guide Songs” according to critics.

On October 25th, the song debuted on BBC radio in the United Kingdom. As a result of its positive critical reception, “Singularity” was included on various Critics’ Choice lists at the end of the year. New York Times music critics placed it joint-20th with “FAKE LOVE” on their list of 2018’s top 65 singles. According to LA Express pop music critic Mikael Wood, this track is the fourth “greatest and most repeat-worthy song” of 2018. In her roundup of the year’s best music for the Guardian, music critic Laura Snapes named this song among her favorites.

On October 24, the President of South Korea gave V and the other members of BTS the prestigious fifth-class Order of Cultural Merit medal. V is one of the oldest people in the history of the country to receive this honor.

Bandmates j-hope and V worked with Swedish singer Zara Larsson on a single titled “A Brand New Day” for the mobile game BTS World’s soundtrack album. The release date was June 14, 2019, and it immediately went to the top of the World Digital Song Sales Chart. In the following eight months, he worked with bandmate Jimin on the track “Friends,” and he also contributed to the creation of his solo track “Inner Child” for the album Roadmap of the Soul: 7.

Activities are undertaken alone by the author, beginning in 2016

In 2016, V produced the film Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth:

V, using his name at the time, made his acting debut in the 2016 KBS2 historical drama Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth. He also worked on the song “It’s You” for the Hwarang album alongside fellow BTS member Jin. To mark the group’s fourth year in the music industry, he and another BTS member, RM, released the song “4 O’Clock” on June 8, 2017.

On January 30, 2019, V released “Scenery,” his first complete solo tune outside of BTS Wikipedia guide, on the band’s SoundCloud profile. V (who also shot the album cover) wrote and composed the song, while Big Hit composer Docskim (with help from Big Hit producers Pdogg and Hiss Noise) produced it. As of now, it has received over 100,000,000 streams, surpassing the previous SoundCloud record of 20,000,000 streams set just fourteen days ago.


There were nine separate days during the first two weeks after its debut when “Scenery” set a new daily streaming record. Seven months later, on August 9th, he released “Winter Bear,” his second solo single and first full English song, on SoundCloud alongside a music video he created himself and posted on BTS’ YouTube account. Together, along with RM, Screech Noise, and Adora, he co-produced the song. Also under the alias Vante, he snapped the cover photo.

On March 13, 2020, the music of the JTBC series Itaewon Class was released, and V contributed a song named “Sweet Night.” V is responsible for producing, writing, and singing this indie pop track, and she sings it exclusively in English. The song drew praise for its arrangement, vocal delivery, and heartfelt lyrics, and it was the highest debut on Billboard’s U.S. Electronic Song Sales list ever by a Korean soloist, coming in at number two.

Influence and effect:

During BTS’s 2016 November fan meeting, V came up with the slogan “I purple you.” Since then supporters of BTS have often been seen wearing shades of purple as a sign of solidarity. When BTS teamed up with UNICEF to promote a campaign against bullying, they utilized the term.

Analytical research on Quick Google patterns related to the K-pop industry was undertaken in 2018 by Eugene Investments & Trading Co. Ltd If “V” is at the top of the table, then it has been the most searched-for term in South Korea during the previous five years. According to a Gallup Korea poll, V is the fourth most popular idol this year, up from ninth in 2018.

Others in the industry have pointed to him as an inspiration, including members of The Boyz like Younghoon and Hall, Golden Child like Jaehyun and Rainz like Byun Hyun-min, ATEEZ like Yeosang and Mingei, D-CRUNCH like Jungseung and [[w c:pop: Dylan Dylan], LUCENTE like Bao, NEWKiD like Yunmin, and BOY STORY like Hanyu.


V is a talented baritone singer who has been praised for his variety and “husky” tone During a solo performance of “Stigma” he received widespread acclaim for his impressive falsettos and overall vocal prowess. Blanca Méndez, a music reviewer, remarked that V’s tonality on “Beginning of the Universe” (the album’s first track) was a significant “tone setter” for Love Yourself: Tear (2018).

In a similar vein, Vice’s Katie Goh called it “one of V’s finest vocal deliveries. “V. has no difficulty creating super calming, low sounds that are a key component of the overall vibe for BTS,” as noted by Karen Provides of Elite Daily. Tamar Herman of Billboard agrees that V’s method for reducing is an important part of BTS’ music. V’s appreciation for classical and jazz music informs his musical style. His idols are Eric Benet and Ruben Studdard.

V’s “duality” as a performer consists of his ability to switch between two distinct styles throughout the same show. In writing for NME, British writer Rhian Daly remarked on V’s “Singularity” moves during his performance as “exact and deliberate” on the Love You’re: Speak Yourself World Tour Crystal Bell of MTV said that V’s facial movements are very subtle when live cameras are used in concerts.

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