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BEST Vocals BTS: A Comprehensive Ultimate Guide Singing Abilities


BEST vocals BTS is the stage name of Kim Tae-Hyung (born December 30, 1995). He has recorded three solo recordings under the band’s name that have all achieved success on the Gaon Digital Chart in South Korea: “Connotation” in 2016, “Event Horizon” in 2018, and “Child Self” in 2020. V’s first self-produced single, “Scenery,” was released digitally in 2019. Along with his ban date Jin, he contributed to the score for the 2016 film Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth. 

 Early Childhood & Early Learning 

 On December 30, 1995, in the Seo Division of Daegu, South Korea, V was born to Kim Tae-Hyung. 

 They were born and raised in Geoc hang County, where they are located. 

 He’s the oldest of three kids; his brother and sister are both younger. 

 V’s early childhood dream was to make a living as a singer. 

 He decided to pursue saxophone playing as a career and started taking lessons [8] while he was in his middle school early years. 

 Following a Daegu audition, [7] V was accepted as a trainee by Big Hit Entertainment.

Early life and education:

V attended Global Cyber University after graduating from Korean Arts Junior High in 2014[10], and he earned his degree in Broadcasting and Tourism in August 2020. He started studying for an MBA in marketing and advertising at Hanyang Cyber Institute in 2021.


BTS’s “hidden member” before their debut was revealed. He had no following since his agency had decided to keep him a secret. He claimed he felt nervous and isolated by the idea because he was worried he would be left off the team. [13] He first performed with BTS on Mnet’s M Showcase on June 13, 2013, performing “No More Dream” off their first single release, 2 Cool 4 Skool.

The song “Hold Me Tight,” which he co-wrote and co-produced, was his first official composition credit, appearing in the film The Most Wonderful Moment in Life, Part 1. Lyrically, he collaborated with bandmate Suga on the song “Fun Boyz,” which was also written by Suga.

On the follow-up album, The Most Wonderful Moment in Life, Part 2, the song “Run” has V’s melody paired with Jungkook’s original lyrics. In addition, he wrote the music and words for a solo track titled “Stigma” on the album Wings. V has also recorded an unauthorized copy of “Someone Like You” by Adele and a cover of “Hug Me” by J-Hope.

His second solo single, “Singularity,” was included in the promotional video for BTS’ third studio album, Love Yourself: Tear, which premiered in May of 2018. On October 25th, the song debuted on the British radio station BBC Radio. [15] The Guardian featured “Singularity” on its “Top 50 Songs for June 2018” playlist[16] a month after its release, and Billboard placed it at #28 on its “Top 50 BTS Tracks” list compiled by its critics. [17] The critical reception for “Singularity” was positive, and the film was included on various Critics’ Choice lists at the end of the year. Along with “Fake Love,” it landed at number 20 on The New York Times’ list of “The 65 Greatest Songs of 2018″[18]. One music critic ranked it as the fourth “greatest and most repeat-worthy song of 2018” (LA Times Pop Music Critic Mikael Wood)[19], and another, Guardian Music Critic Laura Snapes, included it as a favorite on their “Best Music of 2018: Album and Tracks” list.

On October 24, V and the other members of BTS were honored by the Governor of South Korea with the coveted fifth-class Informally defined Order of Culture Merit medal, making V one of the oldest recipients of the honor.

For the mobile game BTS World‘s soundtrack album, V and J-Hope, both members of the band BTS, worked with Swedish singer Zara Andersson on a song titled “A Brand New Morning.”

On its release day (June 14, 2019), it immediately climbed to the top of the World Download Song Sales list. Eight months later, on their record Map of the Soul: 7, he worked with bandmate Jimin on the song “Friends” and contributed to the conception and composition of her solo song, “Inner Child.”

Under his name, V made his acting debut in 2016 with a supporting part in the period epic Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Young on KBS2. He also co-wrote the song “It’s You” for the soundtrack of the program with his bandmate Jin. On June 8, 2017, V released “4 O’Clock,” a song he founded with RM, in honor of BTS‘ fourth anniversary. 

 On January 30, 2019, V made his debut independent single, “Scenery,” available on the BTS Sound Cloud website. 

 The song was written and produced by Docskim, the producer of Big Hit, with extra help from Pdogg and Hiss Noisy. V also took the photos for the cover art. In the quickest period for the platform, it shattered Sound Cloud records by going from 20 million to 100 million streams in less than fourteen days. 

The baritone singing voice of Artistry V has been largely well-received by the critics, with special acclaim for his singing range and “husky” tone. He was acclaimed for his falsettos, which displayed his vocal ability and distinctive musicianship, during the presentation of his song “Stigma,” which helped him earn more vocal recognition. Tear (2018) album. 


V’s appreciation of jazz and traditional music has a big impact on his musicianship. His influences include Ruben Studdard and Eric Benet. 

 When analyzing V’s rendition of “Singularity” on the Love Myself: Speak Themself National Tour, British journalist Input features Daly of NME made special note of this, calling his movements “precise and meticulous.

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